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Global Executive Search

All organisations require right leadership at the top. Talent requirements have evolved over time, but the need for high-performing leaders has remained the same. We help our clients find the best leaders.

Global Village Consulting’s core service offering is Executive Search. Our search practice isn’t limited to India. We have helped our clients hire the top leaders globally for different functions.

We develop close and effective working relationship with our clients to ensure we understand the strategic vision, goals and talent requirements. We search for the best candidates and have delivered top talent for our clients globally.

Our networking, industry experience and our proven search processes have enabled us to recruit top executive leaders for our clients.

Executive Assessment and Consulting

In any Senior Leadership Search, Executive Assessment plays an important role and as such we provide Executive Assessment either within the search process or within the consulting process. While we have developed our own assessment tools and benchmarks, we also align ourselves with our clients’ approach to leadership assessment based on their requirements.

Leadership Consulting is one of our key offerings for our clients. We have helped our clients create specific leadership strategies enhancing the performance by improving the effectiveness of the Executive Leadership, and thereby of the organisation.

We offer the following comprehensive leadership solutions for our clients:

  • Leadership Development/Coaching
  • Talent Insights and Solutions
  • Team Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Industry Intelligence
  • Compensation Benchmarking


Start-ups are an emergent economic force in India. With new business models, new ideas and new innovations combined with an agile execution model they are charting economic courses which have not been witnessed before. This new paradigm places a demand on the need for talent which is multi-dimensional, knowledge intensive and agile. With the founding teams deeply involved in scaling the business and other critical associated activities they need support in finding right talent to lead key activities. We help start-ups in finding this critical leadership talent across domestic and international geographies in a partnership mode.

Board and CEO Advisory

An organisation requires a distinctive and focussed approach when it comes to Board and CEO services. We, at Global Village Consulting, understand these specific needs and provide tailor made solutions for our clients. Our work has ensured that our clients have access to the best talent.

We provide our Board and CEO Advisory services across different industries, right from start-Ups to global organisations. Our services include search for executive and non-executive directors, governance best practices, succession planning, board assessment, diversity hiring.

Diversity Hiring

It is proven that a diverse workforce can provide tangible benefits to an organisation besides adhering to legal compliance and good confidence building efforts. This is a key factor as markets expand globally and being able to understand and reach out to the individual needs of people from other cultures and regions becomes paramount. A diverse multicultural, talented leadership gives companies that key advantage.

We understand our clients’ expectation to address their diversity requirements and we tailor our services to present diverse talent pool while ensuring quality. Client needs are met as diversity is integral part of our search process.

Returning Indians

With a booming economy and renewed investor interests in the Indian Economy, we are seeing an increased influx of NRIs looking for leadership opportunities in India.

At Global Village, we have built an expertise in assisting returning Indians in their quest for opportunities back in India.